Lyra started litter picking when she noticed that every morning on her way to school she would see litter strewn across the floor of one of her favourite places to visit, Manor Woods Valley in Bristol, UK.

However, she decided wanted to make a bigger impact and so made it her mission to get her entire school involved with litter picking. The only catch? Her school only had 5 litter pickers, all of which were in a sorry state, to share between hundreds of pupils.

At Waterhaul, we first heard about Lyra's story when her and her Mum got in touch to say they were raising money to purchase our litter pickers for each of the classrooms in her school to use.

For the fund raise, seven year-old Lyra set herself an epic challenge of going for a 1.5 mile run, a 2.5 mile cycle ride and a 2 mile paddleboard, all whilst litter picking along the way!

We thought this was such an incredible and inspiring story that it deserved to be highlighted and supported as much as possible - so Harry and Paul headed up Bristol to join Lyra on a day of half-term litter picking to hear more about her mission.

"You can’t just go and litter pick all over the world can you? I want other people to get involved so if we work together, you’ll get a really nice, lovely clean environment."

Lyra, Aged 7

As you can imagine, Lyra's mum, Vicki Holman is really proud of her daughter and the fact that she is thinking about things like helping the environment. She has the full support of her family and friends and litter picking is catching on as a regular activity in her school.

Lyra told us that if she could speak with the prime minister, she'd ask him to make an announcement to ask people to stop dropping litter. “Some people just don’t realise what it does to the environment” she said.

Plastic pollution can seem like an overwhelming issue, but leading and enabling others to take positive collective action is surely our best approach. We hope by sharing Lyra's film, we can help her to inspire an even wider audience to take action against plastic pollution with community litter picking.

If you'd like to support Lyra with her fund raising efforts then you can do so on her Just Giving page here:

Know an incredible indiviudal in your community who's work against plastic pollution needs highlighting? Please get in touch!

Recycled Ocean Plastic Litter Picking Equipment


Produced By Waterhaul
Written By Harry Dennis & Paul David Smith
Filmed By Paul David Smith Photography

A huge thanks to Lyra and her family for filming with us.


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