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We are a mission-driven brand that transforms the most harmful and abundant plastic in our ocean, ghost gear, into purposeful products built for adventure. Eyewear is our keystone product focus and we’re challenging the industry by setting the highest bar in the traceability of our raw materials, transparency of our manufacturing and quality of our product. Alongside this, community is core to our mission; we aim to engage with people’s connection with the ocean, and inspire them to protect it, by producing litter picking equipment to tackle the problem, made out of the problem itself.

Based in Newquay, since 2019 we have produced over 25,000 pairs of sunglasses and inspired over 30,000 members of our community to take direct action against plastic pollution themselves.

We are passionate and hard-working individuals that reach our goals as a team. We believe in a healthy work-life balance and we’re looking for talented people who share our passion for spending time in and around the ocean and helping to protect it.



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