Teaming up with the Environmental Justice Foundation, we’re excited to be expanding our net collections and transferring innovation to the West African coastline of Ghana, through the joint Net Free Seas pilot project.

WATCH NOW: Saving Ghana’s waters from ghost gears

Credit: Environmental Justice Foundation

The scale of the plastic pollution problem in Ghana is on another level, but so are opportunities to make a difference. We’ve always believed our model has potential to benefit both planet and people – and this project really puts this into practice. 

The project has so far engaged over 600 fishers and provided additional income opportunities for communities whilst also tackling the ghost gear problem - which is both impacting marine ecosystems and working against the livelihoods of fishing communities in Ghana. 

Net Free Seas is a community-based solution, utilising our model of creating value from waste, designed to drive both positive environmental and social change.

Looking to support the project? Whilst we'll be looking to create products and partnerships specifically using the Net Free Seas material in the future, sales of all products help us to grow and expand our impact. Our charity partner, the Environmental Justice Foundation also accept direct donations to support their projects protecting planet and people.


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