We're always a little hesitant around the concept of Black Friday and Cyber Weekend; promoting unnecessary consumption and the associated deluge of plastic waste that comes with it isn't something that the Waterhaul team support.

However, when you order from Waterhaul, you can guarantee you’ll be supporting a social enterprise, our orders are always shipped without any plastic packaging, and most importantly, you’ll be making a positive impact on our ocean by helping us to remove the most harmful, and most abundant form of ocean plastic; ghost fishing gear.

We also believe that extending the responsibility of the producer beyond the sale of their products is a vital step towards addressing plastic pollution, and we want to account for every single recycled plastic product that we produce. Our lifetime guarantee on our eyewear frames means every single pair of damaged frames can be returned to us to be repaired or recycled, with recycled frames going back into our closed-loop process to be remade into a new Waterhaul product, ready for new adventures.

Ever wondered what 10kg of fishing net looks like?

This year for NETwork Weekend, we’re extending our NETwork discount to 20% off our entire product range, including our sustainable eyewear, litter-picking equipment and beach cleaning knives, to help you make a positive impact on our oceans.

But we’re not stopping there – we’re also doubling down on the impact of our mission:

With every pair of Waterhaul sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, or prescription glasses you purchase this weekend, we'll be supporting the removal of 10KG of ghost fishing nets from the coastline of Ghana on the West-African coast, in partnership with the Environmental Justice Foundation and our collaborative Net Free Seas project. 

USE CODE 'NETWORKWEEKEND' to save 20% on all eyewear and equipment orders, and remove 10kg of ghost fishing nets from the coast of Ghana with all eyewear orders!

The project has so far engaged over 600 fishers in Ghana, providing additional income opportunities for the fishing communities whilst also tackling the ghost gear problem - which is both impacting marine ecosystems and working against their livelihoods.

Net Free Seas is a community-based solution that utilises our model of creating value from waste, designed to drive both positive environmental and social change.

Looking to support the project? Whilst we'll be looking to create products and partnerships specifically using the Net Free Seas material in the future, sales of all products help us to grow and expand our impact. Our charity partner, the Environmental Justice Foundation also accept direct donations to support their projects protecting planet and people.


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